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We don't receive nearly as many questions regarding gear as we would expect. That could mean that people are all knowledgeable about what to bring for trips in the Whites, but, judging by what we see on the trail sometimes, we figure that people are just too lazy to ask. Hopefully we'll see more questions here soon.

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Where do you buy your gear?
We get most of our stuff at either the Kittery Trading Post or EMS. Both places offer relatively good prices and knowledgeable staff. Sometimes, however, we call on our old stomping grounds and visit Campmor, a store in scenic NJ that has a plethora of good stuff. They have good sales too.

And, believe it or not, we have experience with all of the manufacturers and distributors you see in our banner ads. PlanetOutdoors.Com has been a reliable source and we've made a few purchases from them ourselves. The BackcountryStore offers free shipping on items ordered from them. Other possibilities include the MountainZone Marketplace which offers a good selection or US Cavalry which specializes in military gear.

Finally, for the deepest discounts on discontinued gear, we have had good luck with both The Sierra Trading Post and Gear.com. Both sell close-out gear, so selection is spotty and often limited to odd sizes, but when you find something, you can't beat the price. Both these merchants have been responsive. Gear.com offers $.025 shipping on anything you order. Rob even bought his North Face jacket here!

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