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Apex II Stove
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When choosing a stove, I had to make a variety of decisions -- do I go with "the old standard Whisperlite", do I go with a white gas only stove, what amenities do I need vs. want, is price a factor when it comes to food, etc. After a short trip to the Kittery Trading Post, and a quick chat with one of their staff, I chose the Peak1 Apex because of it's compact size, multi-fuel capabilities, and my good experience with Peak1 Gear.

This stove is a true dream. I've worked with the Apex for over 5 years and have never encountered any problems with it. The Apex II lights quickly and easily (unlike many others that I've come across) and can boil agua in about 3 1/2 minutes.

The most interesting and perhaps, sad, thing I can say about this stove is that it actually simmers your cuisine. I know, I know, it's not easy to believe, but isn't that what a stove is supposed to do? A small but easily mastered dial (seen at the bottom left, just above the foot) provides excellent control of flame height. The Apex is provided with three adjustable feet that help to stabilize the stove on an uneven surface, something that comes in very handy. The five spoked pot surface holds cookware well and cleans easily.

Setup is a breeze. The hose from the fuel bottle inserts easily and anchors well. A few pumps to add pressure and prime the stove, plus a match will start the Apex every time. In other stoves, you must first "prime" the burner by dumping fuel into the reservoir and igniting it, heating the unit so that it can burn efficiently. This is not the case with the Apex -- turn the fuel on and let go, and you've got a burner with the control of a stovetop range, and the footprint of a Ritzā cracker.

Things to be aware of with the Apex -

  • It is a bit fragile. Throwing the Apex into your pack won't due, unless you like trying to bend the stove's shield back into shape. This drawback is easily overcome by placing the stove in OR's padded 4x4x3 cell, which prevents 90% of the damage.

  • If you don't light the stove quickly after turning the gas on, you will get the flare up normally associated with other stoves.

  • The Apex does not come with a windscreen. Buying one for 50¢ at your closest shop will alleviate this problem.

    So there you have it. The Apex is a flexible, robust stove with many convenient features that adorn higher priced stoves, but without the higher price. The few "misses" on the list are hardly enough to discourage me, so I plan to continue to use my Apex until the day I perish (or until something better comes along!).


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