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The Seattle Sombrero in all colors
Review by Chris

OK, I admit it. I first bought this hat because I wanted to look like an authentic outdoorsy kinda guy. It was 1992 and I was just starting to take my hiking seriously when I let my emotions get the best of me. Luckily, things worked out.
Quick Facts
(And Overall Rating)
Staple Gear. Buy one.
Insulation Thinsulate
Hat Style Cowboy/Outback
Shell Material Gore Tex
Mfr. Weight 4 ounces

The OR Sombrero is a Gore Tex based, cowboy or outback style hat with a wide brim. Hook and loop patches allow you to secure the hat's brim to the headpiece when not needed, a nice touch. The inside of the Sombrero is lined with Thinsulate, designed to warm by wicking away moisture and retaining head heat. Sizes from Small to Extra Large are available, and all are adjustable through a band that runs thought the hat's edge, allowing for infinite adjustment. Finally, a cord is attached to allow the Sombrero to be removed and hung from your neck, your pack, a hook, or anywhere else.

The first time I took the Sombrero out on a hike, the hat's usefulness became evident. Hiking an 18 mile path across the Twins, Garfield, and Lafayette, it began to rain. Then it got cold. At first I thought the shower would pass, but I was foolishly mistaken and got cold and wet. Once I remembered the Sombrero and covered my noggin, I quickly warmed up. The OR lid actually drew the rain and sweat from my head and kept my body heat in, an amazing feat. Since that hike, I've only taken and only needed this Gore Tex beast. It's strong and well made (I've had it for 7 years), it packs well, it's indestructible, it looks good, and it fits well. Above all, it performs flawlessly.

Outdoor Research's Lip Service:

The legendary soggy climate of the Pacific Northwest prompted us to develop this hat for use in a wide assortment of activities. Many people find the hoods on their rain jackets to be uncomfortable, tough to hear through, too warm at times, and an impairment to vision. A Seattle Sombrero is a much more comfortable alternative.

This hat is great for active wet-weather pursuits such as sea kayaking, backpacking in the rainforest, or swinging a polaski on a rainy trailwork project. The totally seam-sealed Gore-Tex fabric crown completely prevents entry of any external moisture while also avoiding the accumulation of perspiration.

The Seattle Sombrero is so effective that it carries W.L. Gore's "Guaranteed to Keep You Dry" certification - not an easy test to pass, by the way!

My Lip Service:

Very simply, the Seattle Sombrero is a staple piece of equipment. Rugged, effective, comfortable, and useful, this lid will replace all your other hats and you'll be happy it does.

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