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This is the Apollo, but the Orion is very similar

Review By Chris

Quick Facts
(And Overall Rating)

This is a solid tent. Inexepensive and downright feature rich.
Vestibule Size (capacity) 10.4 ft 2
Footprint 89" x 57 1/2 "
Key Features
  • Two Full Sized Vestibules
  • Two-Person Capacity
  • Well sealed tub-style base
The Peak1 Orion was a long awaited purchase for me. I was looking for a well-made, two person, inexpensive tent that HAD to have a decent vestibule. When hiking in NH, you can never be sure what the weather will look like, so carrying things like your rain fly and rain gear are essential. Therefore, a vestibule is considered essential equipment.

After searching many web sites, local stores, and catalogs, I stumbled upon the Orion at the Kittery Trading post. For a mere $180, I picked up the Orion that has not one, but TWO large vestibules. On each side, there is a large "D" shaped zipper with a No-See-Um net as well as a solid door, each of which lead out into their own vestibule. This was the selling point for me. Who wants to try to have to climb over someone else just to get to your essentials in the middle of the night? No one, that's who. With two living spaces, gear is easy to reach, and is kept dry during that unexpected 2:00 AM shower.

The Orion also sports many of your usual amenities: mesh gearloft, No-See-Um skylight, freestanding design, aluminum shock corded poles, and a watertight "tub" base. Although the floor of the tent can be a little small (48 x 76), you can fit two 6’ tall adults semi-comfortably (depends on the snoring factor). Length is adquate enough to fit my height (6’ 2"), but anyone taller may be uncomfortable. The rectangular shape allows vice-versa sleeping arrangements, or if you brought your honey along, side-by-side.

Setup is relatively easy, with only two poles to configure. A freestanding design is important in the Granite State, because you can't always find soft dirt in which to anchor your tent. Once the tent is up, the fly goes on easily with the possible exception of the fly support pole, which is a little tight. Total setup time is under 5 minutes.

Orion Floor Plan space Specifications:
Height: 42"
Footprint: 89" x 57.5"
Fly Weight: 12 oz.
Tent Weight: 4 lb. 8 oz.
Total Weight (packed): 6 lb. 4 oz.

My Lip Service:
The Orion has been a trouble-free tent for me for the past three years. I've never had a problem getting it set up, it's never leaked, the factory seams are watertight, and the vestibules were a welcome addition. At $180 it's a bargain, but finding this model has proved to be difficult. In fact, the astute may notice that the graphic above is not the Orion, but it is darn close. In short, if you find one, buy it.

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