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Insulation Polarguard 3D
Bag Style Modified Mummy
Shell Material Ripstop Nylon
Mfr. Temperature Range 15 °F

I have owned my Wild Bill sleeping bag for just over 2 years now, and I can say without a doubt that it is one rugged piece of equipment. The Wild Bill sleeping bag is a roomy mummy style, with a host of features that make it comfortable and a joy to sleep in. I have found all of the construction to be first rate, and the bag is certainly as warm as its rating. The cut of the bag is roomier than most of the other mummy style bags that I have tried, which is important if you sleep on your sides or curled up in a ball like me. In this bag I can lift a leg without ripping or tearing anything (on either me or the bag).

I've slept in the Wild Bill down to about 20 °F and been comfortable for the entire night (except for that really chilly bathroom break). Keep in mind, however that I like it cold, and I am a very warm sleeper. The outer shell of the bag was very wet in places the next morning due to a condensation problem in my tent (actually, poor venting on my part), but I felt nothing inside the bag. I've never had the occasion to get the bag soaked and then test its insulating ability, and I hope I never will. However, from all that I've read, Polarguard 3D is supposed to be one of the best insulations available in wet conditions. Even if I never need to find out how good it is, it's good peace of mind.

The sleeping bag has a soft fleece "ring" around the inside of the hood, which feels great (soft and warm) against your face when you need to pull the hood tightly to seal out the cold air. The zippers are smooth and virtually snag free, and there is a full length draft collar so no cold air blows against you if you are out of doors or have a low tent flap opened for ventilation (fixed my condensation problem). The bag is stuffed with Polarguard 3D, and it lofts quickly after being packed in a stuff sack the lower section of a North Face pack for 10 hours. The lining is soft and it warms quickly when you crawl in, which is important if you sleep warm like me and often go "commando" when it's 25° outside.

When I began researching sleeping bags, I looked at a few companies. Of all the brochures I read, the stuff from Sierra Designs seemed the most advanced.
Check out their designAnd, their line of sleeping bags seemed the most comprehensive, covering all temperature ranges, insulation types, and body types (they probably have the largest selection of women's bags available, if that's important to you). I felt that all of this reflected a commitment on their part to building the best bags around. So far, it seems that I have made the correct choice. After a bunch of trips, hours in a pack, and some rough treatment on the trail, the bag is no worse for wear. I expect I will have this bag for quite some time, and I would recommend a Seirra Designs bag to anyone. Check out their website by clicking below for the latest information. They have released a new series of bags for 1999 that have some significant advances and are supposed to adapt better to people who sleep in positions other than flat on their back.

This sleeping bag is produced by:

Sierra Designs
Please note that anything I say here is simply my opinion. I am an expert (and a legend) only in my own mind. For the official corporate scoop, check out this product at Sierra Designs' Website. You can click here or on the banner above.


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