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A Note to Our Readers

Chris and Rob have been hosting the Hike-NH website since 1998. Since that time, we've met some great people, been recognized for our efforts, and had some real fun on the trail.

But of course our lives are very busy and we've had little time to devote to Hike-NH, much to our dismay. Since Hike-NH is not a business, and we make (almost) no money from the site, we cannot devote ourselves to it. In fact, it is sometimes months before we can post new information. Instead, we have published as much knowledge as we have about hiking in NH (which fortunately grows all the time) and we are willing to continue to do that as much as possible.

Our Mission

We at Hike-NH endeavor to provide information about hiking in New Hampshire. We will offer pictures, trip reports, gear reviews (when we can afford new gear), advice articles, and links to other hiking-related sites whenever possible.

This information will not cost our readers anything, because we make a few dollars through commission programs which cover the costs of the site (almost). This is why you will see a small icon in the sidebar requesting donations to help with our hosting costs. It's small, and shouldn't really interfere with your ability to get info, so we thought it was a good idea.

The information we post on this site will not always be current. We have lives, we work, and we can't always get out hiking as often as we'd like.

We will accept contributions from our readers, as long as that information fits with the general feel of our site. We may not post something sent to us.

We will not respond to or accept negative comments, abuse, critical statements, or heckling. If you think you can do better, start your own site. And good luck. It took us about 2,500 hours of work to get where we are.

The information here at Hike-NH.com is just that; information. If you're expecting dynamic, constantly changing content, you're at the wrong place. If you want a central repository for information about hiking in NH, take a look. We may have something from which you can benefit. If not, we're sorry. We can't be everything to everyone.

Enjoy the information we have and feel free to send constructive comments. We do read every one.

Chris & Rob


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