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At Hike-NH.com we try to be responsible citizens of the 'net. We don't like spam unless we're eating it on the trail. To that end, we would like to inform you about our activities, the types of information we collect, and what we do with it.

Information Release Policy

  1. Hike-NH will never intentionally release any information that you provide us. Period. We do not engage in e-mail advertising (other than our newsletter). The information that you provide us is used by the webmasters only.

Information We Collect

  • E-mail Addresses -- Hike-NH directly solicits e-mail addresses for two reasons.
    1. First, we ask that you provide an address when asking us a question so that we may reply to you privately. In this way, the information is not shared with any other readers. In most cases provision of an address is not mandatory. Please note, however, that we will occasionally post questions we receive and their answers on our pages. We will always remove any identifying information from the material prior to posting.
    2. Second, we ask for your e-mail address if you wish to subscribe to our newsletter. This address is kept in one place only--on the mail list administration section of our host ISP. Subscribing and unsubscribing (adding and removing) your address can be accomplished directly--by following the instructions on the newsletter signup page, or indirectly--by emailing the webmasters. The mailing list for our newsletter will never knowingly be shared by Hike-NH.com with anyone.
  • Other Information -- Hike-NH tracks other statistics about our visitors in order to better understand our readers and our audience. We rely on two services to collect statistics about our visitors.
    1. Our site is hosted by Dreamhost Communications. While processing requests for pages, Dreamhost collects the following information about the user (in addition to providing us with page statistics such as time of requests, number of requests, etc.)
      • Host (your) IP address
      • Referring site domain & URL
      • Browser type
    2. In addition, we utilize a service called Hitbox to track extra information about our readers. Hitbox collects more detailed information about our pages, including such things as:
      • Referring site domain & URL
      • Browser type
      • Monitor resolution
      • Browser plug-in availability
      • Computer operating system
      • Which of our pages you viewed
      • How long you viewed each page

    To do this, Hitbox displays a banner that is located near the bottom of many of our pages. To track the information, Hitbox uses a combination of JavaScripts and session/short-term "cookies." Further detail about Hitbox's activities may be obtained by viewing Hitbox's Privacy Policy.

    The information collected by Hitbox is available to view by going to www.hitbox.com, searching on "Hike-NH", and clicking the bargraph symbol that appears to the right side of our listing.

    3rd Party Services Hike-NH uses a number of services provided by third party organizations. These include:

    1. Our site search capability. Our search capability (including our What's New and Site Map pages) are provided by FreeFind.com. FreeFind collects IP addressing information as well as keywords for the searches performed. This information is made available to us, the webmasters, via a pasword protected report. You can find FreeFind's Privacy Statement at http://www.freefind.com/policy.html.
    This service utilizes additional outside parties for display of their advertising banners. The specifics are available in each company's respective Privacy Policy. Hike-NH.com has no control over the advertising that is displayed by these parties, nor of the information collected via the advertising banners.

    Our Own Advertising/Merchandising Hike-NH is entirely funded by the webmasters. In order to offset the costs of maintaining this site, we utilize the affiliate merchandising services of two 3rd party companies. These are:

    1. Amazon.com All books available from Hike-NH.com are provided in association with Amazon.com. Hike-NH.com is a member of the Amazon.com associates program. For information on this program, please go to the Amazon.com Associates Information Page. All sales transactions are handled by Amazon.com, and no sales information is provided to us other than the items ordered and the amound paid. We can not access any names or credit card information. Ever. All sales are subject to Amazon.com's terms and conditions. For information please refer to Amazon.com's Privacy Policy. All banner, product, and text links referring to Amazon.com or books are subject to these policies.
    2. Comission Junction Commission Junction is a service that brings merchants together with web site owners who have relevant content. The banner ads you see at the top of our pages, as well as selected text links and merchandise links within the page content are provided by Commission Junction. Hike-NH selects the merchants we wish to appear and the merchants we wish to advertise for. Any transactions conducted are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the individual merchant, and the policies of each company. As of 7/26/2000, our current merchant affiliations through Comission Junction include, Planetoutdoors.com, The Backcountry Store.com, US Cavalry.com, Trails.com, Trailsource.com, Binoculars.com, Patagonia, and Pacific Trekking Gear.

      1. Finally, Hike-NH hates SPAM so much that we joined the fight against it by joining CAUCE -- the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail. Click on this banner for information about SPAM and details on what you can do.

        Fight SPAM http://www.cauce.org

        Additional information about SPAM is available at http://spam.abuse.net/spam/

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