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Chris Oberg Chris
Birthyear 1970
Height 6'-2"
Weight 210 lbs.
Shoe Size 10-10 1/2
Foot Type Average to wide - and VERY sweaty
Gear Preferences In case you hadn't figured it out yet, I'm a VERY hot hiker. I sweat more fluid than Niagara when I hike, so I prefer anything clothing that wicks sweat away and any gear that stays off my body. I'm not too particular about my boots, although I prefer waterproof and fit is essential. Support hasn't ever been a problem for me, even when I had cheap OneSport hikers. I like gadgets that make my life easier, I'll even sacrifice low weight to carry something I can play with (easy killer!). Sleeping comfort is essential to me, so I place a lot of importance on my bag, pad, and tent. Also, I drink a ton, so hydration products always get my attention.
Preferred Temperature Range Like Rob, Arctic. The colder the better. I often find myself shedding my sleeping bag in the night to get cooler air. Some sexy chick often refers to me as "a mobile furnace".
Preferred Trail Food Pretty much anything hearty. I'm one of the strange people who likes freeze dried food, MREs, and instant breakfast. This, of course, makes my life a little easier because I'm not always whining about the food and I can clean up in about 90 seconds.
Am I really weird, or what? Yes, perhaps I am. I prefer the external frame pack because it keeps as much of the pack off my back as possible -- something I like because I probably lose about a quart of fluid an hour from sweat.

I also prefer freeze dried foods (none of that "backwoods gourmet" crap for me) that prepare easily and are still relativelytasty. If I want to entertain, make great food, and generally feel good about my cooking ability, I'll do it in my kitchen where I have a dishwasher.

I like steep climbs that challenge my strength, endurance, and ability. This is something that Rob hates about me, but he hasn't killed me yet, so I figure I'm good to go.

Dumbest Hike When I was new to hiking, I decided that it would be fun to do a multiple day hike in the Presidentials with a couple of friends: Willsy and Hilly. These two aren't the brightest lights in the house, but they're good people and they had more experience than I, so we planned the hike and off we went. We decided that we would hike North Twin, South Twin, Garfield, and Lafayette over the course of three days (Fri. - Sun -- about 19 miles). That's not too bad, even though they're all 4,000+ footers, three days should be plenty. Unfortunately, Hilly fogot to get the day off on Friday! To make a long story short(er), we LEFT my apartment at 10:00 PM Friday night, and STARTED hiking at 1:00 AM in total darkness. At 3:00 AM we stopped and set up camp. The next two days we had to hike for at least 10 hours each day to make up the lost time. By the time we hiked out Sunday night, Hilly did a dance around his car (with a full pack) and passed out in the Cannon Mountain parking lot.
Hiking Experience I started hiking and camping on short overnights in northern New Jersey and northeastern Pennsylvania with Rob. Came to New Hampshire in 1988 for college and never left, again, just like Rob. I think I want to be Rob. He's sooooo cool.


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