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Recommended Reading
Into the Wild Into the Wild
A true account of how things can go really, really wrong, no matter the original intentions. A young man wanders into the Alaskan wilderness to find himself and is found dead a few months later.
Into Thin Air Into Thin Air
A true, first-hand account of nature's fury and the deadliest single storm ever on Mt. Everest. While reading this, remember that Mt. Washington holds the world's record for wind speed. Sleep tight.
A Walk in the Woods A Walk in the Woods, Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail
Bill Bryson, an author living in New Hampshire, tells a humorous tale of his attempt to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. A funny tale and commentary on America, I found it a light two or three day read. At times it had me rolling around laughing.

Recommended Reading
A Prayer for Owen Meany A Prayer for Owen Meany
One of the greatest books I have ever read. John Irving, a New Hampshire author (The Hotel New Hampshire, The World According to Garp) paints a picture of a boy who grows up believing he is "an instrument of god." One of the greatest literary heros I have come across, Owen Meany takes us on a ride that is unforgettable. I was unable to put this book down. John Irving weaves first-rate storytelling with deep commentary about American values into a package that is impossible to beat.
Cold Mountain Cold Mountain
Historical fiction about a wounded Confederate deserter who journeys across the South to return to the town of his birth and a women he loves. Brutal in its depiction of Southern life during the war, this critically acclaimed book delivers a fantastic tale that kept me up for long nights of reading.
The Lorax The Lorax
Fancy yourself an environmentalist? Have other people tried to explain their environmentalism to you, only to snottily say, "Oh, it's just too complicated. You'll never understand." Well, then they're just snobs, because Dr. Seuss summed it all up for 3 year olds way back in 1971. When I was TA for an introductory Ecology class in college, I swore that if I ever became a college professor, this book would be on a required reading list. Great for kids ages 3+. And grown-ups, too.


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