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50 Hikes in the White Mountains 50 Hikes in the White Mountains
A great trip planner when you don't have much time.
Waterfalls of the White Mountains Waterfalls of the White Mountains
You'd be amazed how many falls there are within an easy walk from a highway. 30 Trips to 100 Waterfalls provides great information on some of the more interesting hikes in the White Mountains.
High Huts of the White Mountains High Huts of the White Mountains
Interesting history of the AMC's presence in the White Mountains. Good information about where you may end up sleeping.
The Well Fed Backpacker The Well Fed Backpacker
The information is a little outdated (it seems kind of '70s) but I got a few good recipies out of this book. If you're one of those people who wants trail cuisine, check out this book.
Great Hikes in the White MountainsGreat Hikes in the White Mountains
Great Hikes in the White Mountains of New Hampshire offers a unique, new user friendly format that makes hiking a more pleasurable experience. Rather than a book, which is cumbersome to use on the trail, this is a set of individual hiking cards. Each colorful and graphically pleasing card combines trail map, route description, elevation gains, level of difficulty, historical notes, best picnic spots, explanation of mountains seen from overlooks, directions to trailhead and much more. They come with a clear protective envelope that can be worn around your neck or carried in a pocket of your pack for quick reference. Carry just a single card with you for more information than most books have to offer. Hikes are selected for great views and interest. They are suitable for novice and serious hikers alike, and make great gifts or souvenirs.
ponds_lakes.gif - 10743 BytesPonds & Lakes of the White Mountains
A year-round guide to 68 of the best hikes, walks, and family outings in New Hampshire. The second revised edition of this companion to the ponds and lakes of New Hampshire's White mountains celebrates their rich diversity: You can hike, ski, snowshoe, swim, paddle a canoe, watch birds or moose, or simply linger by a sunny shore. Expanded fishing information tells you where to cast a line for small-mouth bass, perch, native speckled trout, and more.
nature_hikes.gif - 5140 BytesNature Hikes in the White Mountains
This book covers forty-four family-friendly nature hikes, with a focus on what children will enjoy on the trail. Includes all necessary destination info (getting there, local facilities, maps, length and time of hike, difficulty, etc.) with trail descriptions and highlights about the natural world along the trail. Talks about what kids (and the rest of us) like: water, blueberries, neat geology, vistas, beaver dams, etc. These are great hikes for families but also for anyone who wants a nature-rich, easy-to-moderate hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
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