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The Cohos Trail Organization is the newest and perhaps most exciting trails in NH. Begun in 1999 as the dream of Kim Nilsen, the Cohos Trail will stretch 162 miles when it is complete (should be some time in 2005). Kim was tired of the overcrowding in the Whites and thought that the perfect way to avoid those crowds was to go further north into Coos County. But when Kim started looking, he found that most of the "trails" were old, overgrown logging roads most of which weren't even connected. Thus began his dream to build NH's newest wilderness trail.

The Cohos Trail starts at the north side of the WMNF in Jefferson and extends up to Canada through some of the most isolated areas in NH. In between is a myriad of challenges to blazing a trail including state, corporate, and private land masses that needed to crosses in order to make the trail a reality. Although the negotiations continue, and likely will for some time, Kim's vision has cleared much of the way for this newest trail.

Although there are no huts (yet) on this system, the Organization hopes to erect a cabin somewhere near the middle of the trail. But for now, enjoy some of the last untouched wilderness in NH. Maps can be purchased through the Cohos Trail site as well as the Moose Market site.

For more information about the Cohos Trail Organization, please visit their web site at http://www.cohostrail.org/


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