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In one of the only clubs associated with a University, the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) is a student run organization that boasts being the first Outdoor club in the country. The DOC was founded in 1909 by Fred Harris, who wanted to make sure he had the opportunity to go skiing with others (most of whom spent the winter locked indoors). Membership grew very quickly as people realized the fun they could have in the Whites, and eventually the club had to restrict membership (which they still do).

Sometime around 1911, the DOC took over an old lumber cabin on Moose Mountain outside Hanover. Not long after, they raised money to build another cabin, which started a trend. Several grants and a lot of effort over the years produced more and more growth, to the point that now the DOC operates ten cabins. Only seven of the cabins are open to the public, the others are restricted to Dartmouth students, alums and employees only.

Cabin Max.
Lighting Features
Armington Cabin 9 none Lake and canoe
Billings Lodge 10 electric Electricity, bathroom
Great Bear Cabin 8 none Elegant simplicity
Hinman Cabin 9 gas Lake and canoe
John Rand Cabin 8 none Hiking and skiing
Nunnemacher Cabin 20 none Capacity and distance
Ritchie Smith Cabin 8 gas Hiking

The majority of the activity around the DOC is based in trips to ski mountains, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, etc. but they also maintain many trails in the Moosilauke area including the Beaver Brook Trail, which offers a very tough climb up the Beaver Brook cascades.

For more information about the DOC, visit their web site at http://www.dartmouth.edu/~doc/


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