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Difficulty Our route was difficult even as a dayhike -- but it was 90o F outside!
The Flume Slide makes this VERY difficult with a full pack.
Length ~8.5 miles round trip
Total Elevation Gain 4,181 feet (Remember, 2 peaks)
Trails Used Whitehouse Trail
Liberty Spring Trail
Flume Slide Trail
Osseo Trail
Franconia Ridge Trail
Things to watch for The Flume Slide is a tough climb no matter how you look at it. All of the books we have read say to NOT attempt it when decending or when it's wet. We agree. This is probably not the route you want to take with a heavy pack unless you are in great shape and have good balance.

There is plenty of water at the beginning of the trip (if you filter it of course), but once you begin climbing it dries out quickly. Be sure to pack enough if you plan on spending an overnight, although you can always stock up at the Liberty Spring Hut.

Following our route involves paying attention to the blazes. The trail is always easy to follow, but with so may different trails, the blazes keep cjhanging color. Most of the trails are blazed w/ some shade of blue, but the Liberty Spring trail is also the Appalachian Trail in this area, so it is blazed in white. Just be aware of the changes.

Finally, our map shows two routes, one red & one blue. The blue route shows the actual location of the trail. The description in the White Mountain Guide is correct, the Topo is out of date.

Sights to watch for There are some great views, and the stream crossings are cool. Otherwise, nothing remarkable.

Our Route
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