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North Peak Uncanoonuc

by Brian Miville

Hike Length: dayhike

Trails: White Circle Trail

Date: 4/9/2005

The trail head, although not marked very clear, is quite obvious. We had trouble following the trail at points because some of the trail markers used (metal circles painted white) had rusted over the off season. The further up you go the more noticeable the blazes get, though.

The grades all the way up are actually pretty steep, and great care must be maintained in the wetter footing we were climbing of this early spring day. We met four other people on the way down (one a semi-serious hiker out on his first trip of the new year getting back in shape)and they too were huffing just as much as my sister and I were.

You climb through a typical New Hampshire Spruce forest all they way to the top, which is semi-open and patched with grass. There are plenty of large rocks to hunker down for a picnic, and a large fire-pit suggest people hold bondfire parties up there from time to time. The views are a bit confined because of the tree growth, but nice views can still be had looking out around the Merrimack valley including Manchester, Goffstown and out to some of the surrounding mountains in the various compas directions (except for the West.)

Again, care must be taken when descending. The blazes (at least it seemed to me) were more noticeable and easier to follow coming down. In summary, this is a great, short hike that is a bare 25 minutes from Manchester!

Equipment: boots

Special Equipment: a staff or poles would be great for the steep grades

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