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Mt. Tripyramid

by April

Hike Length: Overnight

Trails: Livermore Trail

Date: August 21-23

I realize you already have a good description of the Tripyramid loop. I'd just like to report that I did it with my just-turned-six year old son. Those parents looking for challenging family hikes may be interested to know it is a possibility. I wouldn't, however, recommend taking the 11 year-old arthritic labrador. She was a MUCH bigger and heavier problem going up the North Slide than the six-year-old.

We planned our trip thusly: backpack in the Livermore Trail a few miles and camp along Avalanche Brook between the North and South entrances to the Tripyramid Loop. We made wonderfully reclusive camp next to some lovely bathing pools. The next day we needed only a daypack for lunch, water and other necessities for the long day ahead. The whole loop, returning to our campsite, took 8.5 hours. That time was lenghtened by the burden of pushing, hoisting, coaxing the labrador up North Slide. (Believe me, we thought about turning around, but there was NO going down safely once you're so far along with this kind of a crew.) Also, our nine-year-old hiker slipped on the South slide and got the wind knocked out of him, which took a solid 30 minutes to get him back on his feet. We took leisurely breaks so as to carefully nurture the morale of the youngest among us. Our littlest had climbed Monadnock before at the age of 5, but we had no idea if he could make this hike. He did!

Beautiful and I recommend it highly, even if you are doubtful that the family can survive an 8 hour hike. You can always do the North Slide, get those spectacular views, and head down the Scaur Ridge Trail for a shortened hike (I presume the going down this trail is easier and safer). Do make sure the conditions are bone dry before taking your children up North Slide.

Equipment: boots

Special Equipment: suncreen

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