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Tuckerman's Ravine

by Stacy Sparks and Rob Fiorile

Hike Length: dayhike

Trails: TUX

We saw snow in the bowl!!!

Date: July 12, 2001

The beginning of the hike was cool and damp. The first .5 miles was easy hiking. You could probably do it in sneakers alone. However, beyond the Crystal Falls the mountain tends to get rocky and steep. It actually took us a very long time to get to the shelters. So long, I am embarrassed to say 3 hours. But we did take a lot of breaks to put on and take off our rain gear. Which brings me to rain gear! It is an absolute must!!!! Put it on and take it off as many times as necessary. Once you're wet..you're in trouble if you intend on going to the 4000 foot mark. It can get very cold and windy even at the shelters. Also bring a change of clothes for when you get to the top to change into for your journey down the mountain. You sweat alot, and so even with wickable clothing you do get wet. Bring an extra pair of WARM clothes for the hike back! Also I was told I should get good boots for any hike in the White Mountains. I bought Merrels?..They are black with blue laces. They were fantastic. EMS right in town sells them!(VERY HELPFUL AND FRIENDLY STAFF IN EMS!!) So I guess good boots, rain gear, a change of clothes including warm clothes... and most importantly a good attitude and lots of candybars and water are imperetive even just to climb to the shelters at TUX. Hope this helps!

PS I did see some families unprepared for the rain and unanticipated long hike...they looked like they had a miserable time. Take the necessary precautions even if you don't use the extra gear..better to era on the side of caution. That is I think the best advise for beginning hikers like myself, hiking to TUX! GOOD LUCK!!!

Stacy and Rob

Equipment: bug spray, boots

Special Equipment: walking sticks came in very handy...but be careful when in is lightning!

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