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The Yankee Smokehouse, West Ossipee, NH

Some people believe in traditions. Some people believe in just doing what feels right. Regardless of which you believe in, after one visit to this oasis, you may find yourself visiting the Yankee Smokehouse after every trip.

Menu Cover

It started with Rob and Chris very innocently. We were hungry! We had just hiked Mt. Whiteface for the first time and wanted something to cure the hunger pains. As we drove through West Ossipee, we spotted the sign, and we think it was Rob who said, "Mmmmm, seared MEAT!" We ARE carnivores, after all. What were we supposed to do? After a plate of baby backs and some pulled pork (easy . . . ) we were hooked.

Since that fateful first trip, we have introduced numerous people to the Yankee Smokehouse. Many of them, such as Pamela, are also hooked and usually canít wait to get in the car and head to the Dead Pig, Chicken, and Cow Capitol of NH (our own moniker, not theirs). At first the raucous decor of about 150 pigs, pictures of pigs, drawings of pigs, and representations of pigs tends to get people off their guard a little. But everyone, and I mean everyone weíve taken there has enjoyed themselves.

By offering a complete menu of slow roasted bovine, fowl, and swine, these masters of cookery can make your mouth water before youíve even ordered. Your choices range from the typical appetizers such as chili and Buffalo wings, to the extraordinary Smokehouse Feast, which feeds four to six hungry people (or Rob and Chris after a long hike). Of course there are portions for the smaller crowd, including rib and chicken combos, beef ribs, BBQ sandwiches, and a ton more. To see the menu in its entirety, check out their NEW website!!

What else is there really to say? The Yankee Smokehouse is an awesome place for your post-hike hungers. The cooking is excellent, the sauces are exceptional, and the atmosphere is Ė well, letís just say the food is really good. Do yourself a favor and go visit next time youíre travelling Rt. 16 through West Ossipee. And if Chris and Rob are there, just watch your fingers and no one will get hurt.

The Yankee Smokehouse Creed

Standard Disclaimer:

We are in no way associated with the Yankee Smokehouse. They don't pay us, they don't know us, they might not even LIKE us. So everything on this page was conceived in the minds of the creators, Chris & Rob, solely as opinion, and shouldn't be taken as an endorsement by the Yankee Smokehouse.


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