Hike New Hampshire

by Rob

Many people ask what they should pack when they are walking, hiking, or camping in the White Mountains. The trouble that one runs into when trying to answer that question is that the answers are infinite. What one wears or packs along depends on hundreds of factors, including the weather, the time of year, their personal traits, the location of the hike, and their ability. If you search long enough, you can probably find a hundred different gear lists that people tell you to bring along for trips in the White Mountains. But it is impossible to cover all aspects when writing these lists, so most of them turn out to be useless pieces of garbage that sound like they were written for a six year old. For example, I know one person who packs a compass on every trip. But he has no idea why the little dial rotates (no it's not Chris). He just brings it because every list and book tells him to.

What I have decided to do instead is provide a few gear lists for hikes that I have taken. You can match the type of hike / terrain, the weather, and gauge your abilities with mine. Hopefully, you can learn something from what I do, and make changes that suit your style and abilities. To begin, check out the profiles that we have posted to see how you fit with my tastes and abilities. Then gauge for yourself. Good luck!

6/20/99, 6.3 miles, 6 hours, Mostly sunny, 50s - 60s
July 1999, 8+ miles, 10 hours, hazy & hot, 85 - 95


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