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Bagging the peak Reaching the summit of a mountain.
Bare Boot It When a trail in the winter that has been "broken out." No crampons or snowshoes needed.
Bathtub Floor A design style used in tents in which the waterproof floor of the tent is stitched with short "walls" to prevent water from entering in high winds or in the event that your rain fly doesn’t reach the bottom of your tent.
Bearing A specific direction, typically with an assigned degree, usually used when navigating with a compass.
Bite Valve Usually used with a Hydration Bladder, the bite valve is a small valve at the end of the hose that allows water to flow when flexed in a certain direction. It is thus named because it is intended to be bitten in order to let liquid flow.
Bivouac To encamp for the night, usually under little or no shelter.
Bivy Short for bivouac. Refers to a small, one-person shelter that is lightweight, waterproof, and durable. Usually single walled and used when solo hiking/camping.
Blaze A mark, usually on a tree, designed to indicate the direction of a trail. Most often the blaze is painted using a bright color.
Broken Out A trail in winter snow that has been well packed due to the snowshoe use.
Bushwhacking Travelling through forest or woods with no established trails or markings, usually by following a compass or topographic map.

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