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False Peak A peak that appears to be a summit, but is rather a crest on the way to a further summit.
Fill-power The thickness, and therefore thermal capability of a particular insulation. Usually used to rate sleeping bags and parkas.
Fiver A 5 minute break.
Flatlander A person from one of the southern states (i.e. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, or, God forbid, New Jersey) who is unwise in the ways of the woods. Often spotted in a $40,000 SUV that they don't want to get dirty, flatlanders are normally found unprepared for their time in the woods, and can be easily distinguished by their whining and complaining about the "ungodly cold weather" anytime the temperature drops below 60oF. See also "Gaper".
Flume A narrow gorge, usually with a stream flowing through it. Acts as a chute to carry water quickly down-slope.
Fly; Rainfly A waterproof covering that fits over the roof of your tent to keep rain and wind from soaking and freezing the occupants.
Footprint Besides the obvious "mark your boot leaves", a footprint is the physical space and shape a particular item takes up.
FPA Forest Protection Area. Formerly called RUAs. An area where camping, camp fires, and travel are restricted to allow the area to recover from overuse.
Framesheet A sturdy piece of plastic or aluminum that adds rigidity to the back of a pack. Also known as the Internal Frame.
Freestanding Usually refers to a tent that, when set up properly, needs no tie downs or stakes to remain upright.

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