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Cairn The stone piles often erected along a trail above tree line, to serve as an indicator of trail direction.
Cascade Fast moving water that descends rapidly, but does not leave the ground. If it did, it would be called a waterfall.
Closed Cell Usually refers to a sleeping pad that is constructed so that air cannot get into or escape the pores of the material from which the pad is manufactured.
Coated Nylon Usually means that the nylon this product is made of has been treated with a chemical that makes it waterproof, windproof, or both.
Col A pass between two mountain peaks or a gap in a ridge, usually saddle shaped.
Crest A high point along a trail
Cryptosporidium A protozoan of the genus Cryptosporidium that is an intestinal parasite in humans and other vertebrates and sometimes causes diarrhea that is especially severe in immunocompromised individuals. Much like Giardia, causes serious intestinal issues and is caused by neglecting to treat drinking water.

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