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Saddle A curved depression between two higher points in a geography, usually shaped like a horse's saddle, hence the name.
Scramble Typically refers to the act of climbing over rock fields or rough terrain.
Scree An accumulation of loose stones or rocky debris lying on a slope or at the base
Sealed Seams Applying some manner or waterproofing to the holes and thread left where a piece of gear has been stitched together.
Self Inflating Pad A sleeping pad that uses open cell construction and will fill itself with air when its valve is opened.
Shell 1) In most hiking related applications, a non-insulated, waterproof or windproof jacket that allows for layering by virtue of a generous cut. 2) The outer lining of a bag, jacket or other equipment.
Spindrift Collar A flexible, soft, fabric collar at the opening of a pack that allows "overstuffing" by extending the top of the pack's main compartment. Similar to a turtleneck collar with a drawstring at the top.
Springlock A small, plastic device fitted to the end of an adjustment strap that locks into place and holds the strap by virtue of a spring. They are often found at the end of cinch straps on coats, packs, and sleeping bags.
Stays Rigid pieces (usually long and thin) inserted vertically into the body of a pack, designed to provide support to the pack. Usually made of a lightweight material like aluminum.
Stuff Sack Any bag designed to hold a significant amount of pliable gear which can be filled beyond normal seam capacity and has a draw sting closure. Sometimes waterproof.
Switchback A trail that travels diagonally and turns back on itself in order to allow progression up a steep section of a mountain.

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