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Gaiters A nylon, cloth or sometimes leather covering that extends from the soles on ones' boots to anywhere from the ankle to the knee, designed to prevent debris from entering the boot.
Gaper An odd creature, not native to New Hampshire, usually considered a mammal, that lopes through the forest muttering unintelligible things like, "Jeez, I'm cold", "Where are we?", "I got my jeans dirty!", and "Man, this cooler is getting heavy". One of the lesser intelligent creatures, the Gaper typically migrates north during the warm weather months.
Gear Loft Usually a small cloth sheet that hangs from a tent ceiling that allows you to store a few items within easy reach. Handy for things like your headlamp, a book, toilet paper, snacks, etc.
Giardia Any of various flagellated, usually nonpathogenic protozoa of the genus Giardia that may be parasitic in the intestines of vertebrates including humans and most domestic animals. In other words, a bug that lives in the water of streams and rivers that infests your intestines making your life REALLY uncomfortable. Not usually fatal, but sometime you might wish it were.
Gore Tex® A product of the W. L. Gore™ company, Gore Tex® is a waterproofing material and method that is used on a variety of nylon products.
GPS Stands for Global Positioning System. A small handheld devise that uses satellites to pinpoint one's exact location on the globe. Usually provides latitude and longitude, elevation, time, elevation change, and a variety of other information.
Grommet A small hole, usually reinforced with a non-corrosive material. Can be found in tents, on backpacks, clothing, etc.
Gusset Webster's says it best; A triangular insert, as in the seam of a garment, for added strength or expansion.
Guy Lines Stabilizing cord or string used to secure a rain fly on a tent.

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